About Us

The name THE CULPRITS thrives from it's definition "Guilty of a crime", growing up the first part of my life in gang neighborhoods near Downtown Los Angeles then being relocated to Atlantic City's neighboring suburb of Ventnor N.J. I experienced police harassment first hand simply because of the way I dress. It seemed that wearing Raiders jackets and 501 jeans back in the late 80's and early 90's gave police enough reason to fuck with us. I personally have never belonged to a gang but that always seemed to be the implication, I guess growing up a short distance from the Los Angeles Coliseum was not enough reason for me to be a Raiders fan according to some? For myself like many of us it was simply "Cool" to dress this way, it was "our thing", we didn't come from wealth so there was only so much we could get into as kids growing up, and being the son of immigrant El Salvadoran parents and also being first generation El Salvadoran/American I was only looking for my own identity or something to be a part of. Street culture for me began right at my doorstep and I embraced the good things like Graffiti, B-Boying and a strong passion for Rap and Heavy Metal music. Not much has changed thru the years, the way we dress is still how many of us choose to express who we are, unfortunately sometimes in society we are poorly judge by people miss informed by our culture, so very simply The Culprits means just that "Guilty of a crime" except the only crime committed here is the crime of wanting to have our own identity and be ourselves. - SICKxWISH

THE CULPRITS as a brand is committed to the same respect and integrity we use to survive in the streets. All of our T-Shirts are quality traditional hand printed pieces made of 100% cotton and most of our prints and original designs are made in house. We do not promote violence or any sort of criminal activity but we do promote the urgency for individuals to think and express themselves freely by all means. 

Pease visit our Flagship store located inside the Stockton University Noyes Museum Arts Garage at 2200 Fairmont Ave. Atlantic City NJ 08401 hours of operation Wed-Sat 1PM-6PM