Wrapping up 2017

2016 ended and 2017 began for me hustling Tees at a (Gutter Drunk) punk show in a dive bar in Atlantic City, I was afraid because Julez had just left and I honestly did not know what direction to take the Brand. But just 3-4 short months after there was an article on the Atlantic City Press that set the tone for our first store opening inside the Arts Garage in Atlantic City NJ. Since then learning the ins and outs of retail has been an experience all in it's own, also meeting people who had never heard of The Culprits from different states is always cool especially since they will never see what it was like having all of the printing equipment and boxes of Tees over fludding my one bedroom apartment. The Brand broke sales numbers every month compared to last year so that's something to look forward to this coming year but for me I'm ending this year very similar to last. Once again I have the entire weight of The Culprits on my shoulders and the pressure of doing it all alone. And I realized that truth is I have 2 Brands like it or not, 1 is The Culprits and 2 is The Culprits with the Atlantic City propaganda. For The Culprits it's the same old shit as every year, trying to be noticed while being over shadowed by the bigger names. That game never truly ends, but then I have the Atlantic City merch and I have to admit I am really surprised and at the same time super proud of the locals, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many people from all walks of life in such a small amount of time telling me how much RESPECT ATLANTIC CITY and BADER FIELD means to them it's mind boggling. People from Uptown Atlantic City all the way Downtown to Margate and surrounding towns has expressed and showed so much love my biggest question now is what do I do? Do I continue with this dream of wanting this STREETWEAR BRAND you see at AGENDA or COMPLEX or do I block out the noise and solely focus on what's in front of me and live inside my reality instead? The fact that I'm 40 years old now may play a big part in that decision...suddenly all the drama and the fake shit that comes along with doing a STREETWEAR brand isn't really feeding my appetite any more, Im much rather enjoying a different more calm conversation with strangers about the future of Atlantic City. I'm tired of the bullshit, the beef's, the ego's the biting, the "Who's who?" Fuck all that... I just want to work everyday for myself and enjoy what I do, while at the same time making a difference in my community when ever possible. 2018 is the year I know what "To do and Not to do" so going into 2018 I already know the distractions will be minimized and the work will only become more significant. I personally will continue to grow as an individual and no longer pressure myself by what's expected of me but rather what I expect of myself only and as for The Culprits? The Culprits will remain a Local Atlantic City Streetwear brand for now, just like it's always been. Happy New Years to everyone and thank you all for a successful 2017.

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