Luii x Badass


We've been talking with Monique about shooting with Luii for over a year now, so as soon as we got back to work we wasted no time hitting up the homegirl from Brooklyn USA. Luii is dope, tiny, quite, humble, feminine and definitely bad ass. Her style is perfect for The Culprits, the priceless expression on Luii's face speaks exactly what we are trying to communicate thru our brand, we all come from struggle and we are all trying to fight for something better, however some of us have also been scarred so deep in this fight that our type of pain we could never hide from anyone.


But how beautiful it is to be able to use our pain as something positive to communicate to people alike that we are not alone in this struggle and that there are many just like us from different places of the earth getting together to join forces in this never ending fight. It was an honor to work with this special, humble, beautiful human being. Thank You Luii Badass for revealing yourself to us and thank you once again Monique for putting all this together for us and for the fine job, you killed it. 




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